Looking well lush.

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My gorgeous prom shoes.

More 6th form clothes

6th form Clothes.


around summer you want you nails to be brighter and more colourful as hopefully the days become brighter and the weather hotter.

these are the colours i wear in the most in the summer.

enjoy, Beth.

doing a FashionOfNails. summer edition.

(well i did say i did like to do fashion, so why not fashion for the nails. its not just clothes. :D)


I’ve roped my sister in being my little photographer.
Isn’t she doing an awesome job. 


Hey up guuuuys I’ve got more beautiful outfits for you to browse upon.

Hope you like. :)


placing outfits together then taking photos.

this is the life of a bored teenage. ah!


I think I’d be an awesome model if I wasn’t 5ft3.

So this was my shopping trip today, in total I spent £41.93 as I also brought a Kohl eye-liner for £1.99 from the Miss Sporty range.

Hey guys, this is our first post.

I’m just going to show you what I (Trilly) brought today.